Our Dogs

Advanced offers a German Shepherd canine for sale. From puppies to fully trained Police dogs, Advanced can pair you with the dog that is right for you!

  • We offer a variety of packages that can include the following options:
  • Scent detection (explosives, bed bugs, narcotics).
  • Obedience training.
  • Ongoing training both dog and handler.
  • Annual certification of both the dog and handler.
  • Police dogs fully trained.
  • 8 weeks (Dual Purpose) handler training for police.

Breeding top quality german shepherds


Jager is a German Shepherd with tremendous power,
un-ending drive and super strong grip.
He has super ball and food drive and he is a very good tracker, the natural Police Dog


Havanna-von-Di-Caprio is a very strong and stable female. Extreme Ball drive and a very good grip, Super for breeding. Havanna was imported from Germany two years ago as a puppy by her previous owner.


Yessi, AKA Dana is our second dam in our breeding program. Dana has super ball and food drive. Dana is exceptional tracker and very precise in her work. She had her IPO1 two years ago with 95-85-96. OFA results, Hips Good Elbows normal.

Dogs for sale

Adele Vom Stainherz
Excellent 11 month German shepherd female, perfect for police work. Very social with high energy level, environmentally confident and very committed to work.
Asher Vom Stainherz
11 month male (GSD), very strong male with excellent bite work training. Hunting drive is very stable for good long searches. Very good for police purpose.
Glock Vom Geistwasser
18 month old, purebred German Shepherd. He has very solid foundation and is in good health. This dog is great for police work or sport.
Single purpose 2 years old Belgian shepherd mix. He has a very good base and is in great health. He is a super strong dog with a high ball drive and clean head. A natural Detection dog.
Experienced Bed Beg Detection Dog. She has 4 years of on-the-job experience all over Chicago, with hundreds of finds. Very precise and loves to work.
Aaron Vom Stainherz
11 month Dual Purpose male( GSD), out of Havanna-von-Di-Caprio and Jager-vom-Geistwasser. Super energy and a great drive - only for Police Purpose.
11 month female(GSD), out of Havanna-von-Di-Caprio and Jager-vom-Geistwasser. great energy and excellent grip. Great for Police work, Personal Protection.
Asia Vom Stainherz
11 month female (GSD), out of Havanna-von-Di-Caprio and Jager-vom-Geistwasser. Aisa will be a good companion as a family pet and will protect your house with a full confidence.
Andy Vom Stainherz
2 Years old female (GSD), Very civil dog, Tons of drive, good for police work or personal protection. (DOB: Sep 15,2015)
Bart Vom Stainherz
7 month old German shepherd, high energy level, environmentally confident, great grip. Has a very good foundation as a dual purpose dog. (DOB February 19, 2017)  
Bravo Vom Stainherz
7 month old German shepherd,  high energy level, environmentally confident. very good ball and food drive. (DOB February 19, 2017)  
Pita Vom Stainherz
Pita is one year old strong little female from our breeding. Out of Yessi vom Geistwasser(IPO1) and Pepper von Kap Karthago(IPO3). Extreme drive and great full grip.
Diablo Vom Stainherz
Top 10 weeks old Male from our breeding. Out of Yessi vom Geistwasser (IPO1) and Tschako vom Wällerhorst (IPO3).
Nora vom Stainherz
Nora is an excellent 10 months old female from our breeding. Great ball drive and nice and strong grip. Great for IGP sport and police work. Out of Yessi vom Geistwasser (IPO1) and Tschako vom Wällerhorst (IPO3).
Emily vom Stainherz
Solid black 10 month old Emily is a dual purpose canine of Munster PD in Indiana. she has tremendous amount of drive and excellent energy and pray. Out of Yessi vom Geistwasser (IPO1) and Tschako vom Wällerhorst (IPO3).