We want to provide you with the best service and canines possible.

We take pride in the training of our canines and the quality of services we provide from detection to training to boarding. If you are a police department, business, or individual that is in need of a fully trained canine or training for your current canine, we can provide only the best for our customers. Remember to choose carefully whenever you are acquiring dogs or training since this greatly affects your ability to do your job.

We cater specifically to police departments!

We work with police departments to provide the best canines and training that you can get. We work with individual officers or with departments as a whole to train your dogs or provide you with working dogs.

We can train handlers to work more efficiently with your dogs as well to ensure the best results for your department. We can develop a lasting bond between handlers and canines to make sure that your detection services or protection services are the best around.

All Advanced canines are trained extensively in obedience to ensure that there will be no problems when handling them. Verbal commands and control of the canine are emphasized and can be controlled in both on and off leash situations.