Bed Bug Detection

Advanced Detection is the largest bed bug K9 detection company in the Midwest. All of the dogs’ training emphasizes obedience to ensure the integrity and thoroughness of each inspection. Advanced Detection inspects over 25,000 residences and 1.5 million square feet of commercial office space each year.

Advanced Detection uses professionally trained canine teams to detect the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. Bed bug detecting dogs work much like bomb and narcotic scent detection dogs and are extremely accurate in identifying bed bug infestations. Not only are canine inspections far more accurate, they are much faster than human inspections. Canines can detect bed bugs in cracks, crevices, behind walls, and many other areas that humans simply cannot search effectively. Early detection can dramatically lower the cost of eliminating a bed bug infestation. High accuracy, speed, and the ability to search difficult areas make scent detecting canines the most valuable tool in the fight against bed bugs

Whenever Advanced Detection inspects a commercial building the inspection team will provide building management with a comprehensive inspection report that involves a status report of the inspected areas, a cleanliness status, as well as any potentially bio-hazardous conditions that could affect the building’s staff or tenants.

Photo documentation is also provided for the previously mentioned problems.

When pests are the main problem for the residence or building it is important to keep them from returning. That is why Advanced Detection recommends a quarterly preventative maintenance program. The properties that have implemented this program have been successful in minimizing their exposure to pest infestations. The buildings that have denied this service have noticed a larger re-infestation of pests along with a higher cost of treatments.

Advanced Detection utilizes a variety of dog breeds including labs, beagles, and mixed breeds, as well as the Belgian Malinois, which are actually used to aid the United States
military and local Police Departments.

Third Party Certification

It is very important that a third party certifies each K-9 Team yearly. Advanced Detection is a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and follows the NPMA Best Management Practices (Appendix A) minimum standards for canine bed bug scent detection team certification.

Advanced Detection utilizes an independent third party master trainer to certify our teams as well as the k-9′s that we sell to other companies.